About….me. I am myself, I contain worlds, to quote Whitman.

Among other things, I am a cisgendered (though slightly androgynous) female.

I am married. I call him Bear.

I am partnered with two other fabulous people, too. They are referred to here as The Boy and The Girl.

I have two amazing and wonderful sons. Even if sometimes I want to knock their heads together. They are referred to here as Elder and Younger.

I have grey eyes and hip-length dark hair which begins to show silver strands, and don’t have a slender little lady under my extra weight; I have a Viking shield maiden.

I drink a lot of hot tea.

I am pagan.

I am relentlessly liberal, to the point of being a socialist.

I am probably relaxing by listening to Telemann’s oboe solos and playing Diablo III. At the same time. Or by hand-stitching a hemstitched linen tablecloth while listening to a podcast on vertebrate paleontology.

I am slightly autistic.

Behold, I am vast. I contain multitudes.

And I hide it under a mild-mannered nice middle aged visage.

That’s why I say I’m busy being subtly weird.


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