The problem is inelasticity

The problem with being on a fixed income is that you have no room for anything else.

We get $1269 a month.

Water/electric/sewage/trash: $200 or so a month. Usually $10 variance on either side of that. Gas: $30-$60 a month, lower in the summer. Internet/house phone:$90. Cell phones $75. Payment on his shop, $180. Gas for the vehicles:$100. $400 is what I allot to myself to buy food for the month for three adults. That works out to $. per day. We must buy medications: that’s another $60 a month. (Most are $4 pills… but four dollars adds up.)  But clothing, house repairs, insurance on cars and house, and any “wants”…must come out of the remaining $104. We often can’t make it work.

We are waiting impatiently for my husband’s mother’s estate to get through probate and get the check. Among other things, that $180 payment for the shop will go away; we’ll pay that off. We’ll get some things that make life a little more comfortable, like computer desks and recliners for the people with orthopedic and back issues. And some pretties: Tablecloths for the round table, perhaps more servingware to permit me to set the table with grace and elegance, even for a simple meal.

But right now I can’t get to Daily Kos because I need to pay the internet bill, and I can’t game (my recourse for being in too much pain to stand) because the game won’t stay online, and I can’t look up anything for research, and it’s all because of a flat tire last month.

The flat tire was due to the tire being worn out. Bear can’t get on the ground to change one these days, he doesn’t want me to due to what it’ll do to me, and neither can The Girl.  So we had to call someone to do it, then pay for a new tire and have that put on our rim, balanced, and put on the car.

I am having to borrow money to meet the back bill that I couldn’t pay because of the tire. This gets really old, really fast.

When we get that check, part of it is going into savings, and with the barn paid off, we’ll have money to handle all the monthly expenses, and be able to trickle money into the savings and into Christmas and birthday plans. I will feel so rich.

But the interim really, really sucks.






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