I have hives. That’s why I got up at three am.

Perhaps that requires a little explanation. Yesterday was laundry day, where we take the laundry to my parents’ house and do it there, as our washer is broken, and it’s easier in any case to load and carry than it is to go up and down stairs all one day. My mother, upon hearing I had hives (all over the insides of both ankles and streaming up the calves) got me some Benadryl.

I know how I react to Benadryl. I get hungover and sleepy. So it was rather a tossup. Finally, when I got home, I took some. And while the itch was softened to ignorability, I was drunkenly weaving my way to bed at seven pm.

And so therefore I was up at three am. At least I got some of the cleaning done I intended to last night. Minus the things that make noise and bumps and bangs and odors to wake Bear up. And it being eight… my body has been up for five hours and wants a nap now. So I shall just put the meat for lunch into the microwave to thaw….so the cat can’t get it…and go nap.


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